Austria’s commitment to international students is reflected in the fair tuition fees and rise in enrolling students since reforms. As well as the chance to study at world ranked higher education institutions.

you will also be able to pick up the German language. German is the first language of 100 million people worldwide, and joining those people would open up some great further study and employment opportunities!

Austria has a long history of outstanding higher education, with some of Europe’s finest philosophers, scientists and writers having worked and lived here. Vienna in particular has a long tradition of academic achievement. This is where the Vienna Circle, one of the most significant movements in Philosophy since the Ancient Greeks, was born. You will find 5 Austrian universities in the 2019 QS World University ranking top 500. The highest ranked of these 5 is the University of Vienna, which is ranked in 175th place.

 Scholarships and funding options for international studies in Austria

International students in Austria can benefit from various study grants and scholarships offered by Austrian organizations or universities.

The Federal Aid for Students offers study grants for certain areas of study or study allowances. The value of the grants offered is between 475 and 679 EUR/month.

Other scholarships are offered by the Scholarship Foundation of the Republic of Austria; the Austrian government provides a monthly scholarship installment of 940 EUR or sometimes covers the accommodation costs 


  • Part-time work right – 40 hours per fortnight when the courses in session and full-time work rights for the spouse for Masters, Ph.D. and post-doctoral programs
  • Bachelors 2 years stay back
  • Masters by course work 2 years can be extended by 2 years
  • Masters by research (3 years) up to 3 years &PhD students – up to 4 years