In Finland there are two types of higher educational sectors, universities and polytechnics (also known as universities of applied sciences). Polytechnics provide vocational education whereas universities offer academic and research based education.


An affordable study destination

Home to some of the world’s finest universities

Country with one of the highest social progress index

Over 300 international study programs available in English

Offers excellent opportunity for innovations

One of the most peaceful and sustainable country of the world

One of the healthiest eco systems of the world (Environmental performance index 2016)

Study programs with close collaboration with Industry and business

Excellent opportunity to explore some of the breath taking Scandinavian destinations 


University higher education in Finland is funded by the State through the Ministry of Education, and therefore international students enrolled in regular degree studies pay no tuition fees.

Bachelor’s and Doctoral level programmes -as well as many Master’s level programmes– do not charge any tuition fees, regardless of your nationality. This also applies to the international degree students and to exchange and visiting students as well. However, some Master’s programmes may charge tuition fees from non-EU/EEA students.

The student union charges a membership fee per term. Membership is compulsory for those studying for their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees; those pursuing their doctoral studies may join the student union if they wish.

One important aspect of study in Finland is considering how to finance your study or

research period. You will need to be able to cover your everyday living expenses, travel, insurance, etc. Financing one’s stay and studies in Finland by working is not possible.

(By 2017 the Finnish Government will introduce tuition fee for non-EU/EEA students)

For 2018, below are the tuition-free universities in Finland for international students as well as universities with minimum tuition payment plans.

  • Åbo Akademi University
  • University of Helsinki
  • University of Jyväskylä
  • University of Eastern Finland