Studying abroad in Spain will give you an up-close look at a truly fascinating country. With its range of varied landscapes, cultural customs, and its four official languages, each part of the country feels like its own world. The amazing art, architecture, food and people found in each of these worlds, however, combine into one amazing country. Spain is a popular destination for international students seeking quality and affordable higher education. There are around 85,000 international students studying in Spain each year. With lots to offer, there will be something for everyone is this fantastic country.


Business Administration – There are many universities in Barcelona and Madrid which offer one-year Master in Business Administration program. Spains MBA programs have met with worldwide acclaim, featuring highly in all business school rankings. Many MBA programs offered by Spanish universities are accredited to the Association of MBAs (AMBA), an international impartial authority with sole focus on monitoring the quality and performance of MBA programs across the UK and Europe. Graduates of this course are in high demand in the job arena and are hired on impressive pay scales.

Law – Law is quite a popular study area in Spain. Within the broader field, Legal System of the European Union and International Criminal Law are highly preferred. Former teaches students about the legal system in countries of Europe, specifically while the latter deals with the legalities of international arena, in general. Course is highly job oriented, not just in Spain, but the world over. Thus, even if students wish to move out of Spain post the completion of their course, a degree in Law will aid them in every possible way.

Arts and Humanities – Arts and Humanities related courses offer yet another exciting academic field for one to pursue in Spain. Armed with a degree in this field, one can venture into a variety of directions and make a career for herself/himself. Popular study in Spain areas within this field are Western American literature, Spanish Literature, fundamentals of philosophy, environmental ethics and many more.

Working While Studying

Student visas in Spain are flexible and students can work along with their studies. International students can ask for a work permit from local authorities to work 20 hours per week. The student can work part time till the expiry of the student visa and not after.